XP3 Applicant Screening questionnaire

XP3 Talent System

Once you have have filled your Applicant Pipeline, you need to narrow that pipeline to ensure that you are only spending your valuable time with pre-qualified candidates. 

The XP3 Screening Questionnaire (SQ) will help you screen and narrow your applicant pipeline. The XP3 Talent System includes a library with over 50 job templates for you to choose from. You just need to customize it with your particulars.                                                                                                                
The SQ is sent to applicants as a first step in the screening process and helps determine:

  • If they possess the required knowledge and abilities beyond the typical resume fluff
  • If they are able to follow instructions 
  • Signs of intelligence based on how articulate their responses are to the SQ
  • If they possess a sense of urgency by how quickly they complete the SQ

Example of an SQ for a Vice President of Sales


Behavioral Alignment: Another critical component to pre-screening your applicant pipeline and ensuring you get the right people in the right roles is to identify the required behavior of the job and align it with the hardwired personality traits of the individual filling the role. To help with this, we offer a state of the art personality profile tool called the MPO. To learn more about this and other available options visit our Talent Assessment Page.

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