Happy Halloween: Here are some FREE Treats for You!

Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate, we want to give you a few treats by providing you with a list of all of our FREE downloads related to leadership development, talent acquisition, and talent assessment. Check them out and please download as many as you like! 

To begin,

eBooks and Whitepaper


  • LeadershipThis FAQ covers important leadership topics, such as the role of communication, the difference between "soft" and "hard" skills and more.
  • Sales Management: The Sales Management FAQ describes the skills required for a successful manager and how a sales manager can motivate her people to use the CRM.
  • Personality Assessment Tools: Helps explain the ins and outs of personality assessment tools and why you should be utilizing them in the hiring process.

Quizzes and Charts

  • Employee Troubleshooter FlowchartThis chart allows you to assess your existing employees by asking questions around employee motivation, if there is an easy fix for the problem and more. 
  • Sales Force GraderThis totally free tool allows you to rate the effectiveness of your sales force and get your score instantly. Try it!