Interactive Dynamics at Work: Highly Effective Team Building (Review)

I have always believed that communication is the root of all problems and solutions. If you take a look at most of the challenges, problems, issues you deal with – both at work and in your personal relationships - you will find that communication was the foundation for it. Too much, too little, bad tone, words, etc. The key to overcoming this is to learn your unique style of communication and the style of those you interact with on a regular basis.

In all communication situations, each individual is alternatively the sender and the receiver. To ensure perfect understanding, the receiver should respond in a manner providing the sender reassurance that he/she was understood, or confirm receipt of the message.

The great news is that you no longer have to try and figure this out on your own. Ngenio Corporation, the owner & producer of the state of the art personality assessment tool, the MPO (Management & Performance in Organizations), has developed and launched a new team building tool and program called the IDW (Interactive Dynamics at Work) to help you and your team:

  • Develop a heightened awareness of the advantages stemming from efficient work dynamics
  • Measure how your behavior impacts your workplace interactions
  • Help you to learn (and start recognizing) the range of IDW Styles around you
  • Adapt your behaviors to gain better control over the consequences of your interactions
  • Adjust your IDW style to suit those you interact with

In our daily relationships with colleagues, managers, or clients, we often come to realize that our level of effective communication falls short of our intention.

A great part of our daily work is accomplished through communicating or negotiating, more or less successfully with people around us. However, despite our realization of these deficiencies, we often lack concrete means to improve our skills in the matter.

The main objective of the IDW program is to provide you with practical strategies to improve the effectiveness of your communication, namely through developing your awareness of the impact of your own interaction dynamics on others. Further, the program aims to provide participants with opportunities to acquire practical insights on dynamics different from yours to better achieve your communication goals.

Through the application of the IDW model, participants will gain better control of their interactions style and increase their satisfaction level in their interpersonal relationships.

How it works:

Each participant completes an MPO personality survey (a validated psychometric instrument) to collect personality data.

The personality traits related to communication and interactive behaviors are transposed along 2 axis onto a 4/16 quadrant window (see image above). Each participant receives a personalized 5 page report describing their own IDW style, and all team members are positioned on a collective matrix.

The basic interactive styles are represented by one of four primary colors. Team members might forget their teammate’s style name with time, but always remember their color. The meaning of the colors associated with each main style is based on the work of renowned psychologist, Dr. Max Luscher.

The IDW program is presented in a one day highly interactive workshop designed to help participants learn and apply the information so they can immediately begin making improvements, get better results from their interactions with others.

To learn more about Ngenio, MPO, and IDW, click HERE!