The Key to Achieving Your Desired Results: the Behavioral Equation

Today, I want to discuss what I believe is the key to achieving your desired results: the behavioral equation (represented in the image below). This equation will help you to better understand why you do what you do, and by better understanding why you do what you do, you can better manage how you behave in any given situation and achieve your desired results or outcomes of that situation.

So let's get started!

The Key to Achieving Your Desired Results: the Behavioral Equation

#1: Your Identity

For the purpose of this discussion, your identity is comprised of several elements. These include:

  • Your Personality Traits, which are things such as assertiveness, extroversion (or its inverse, introversion), efficiency, results-orientation, process-orientation, compliancy, detail orientation and independence.
  • Your Values, which include things such as honesty, innovation, compassion, altruism, family and loyalty.
  • Your Knowledgewhich includes your formal and informal education, on-going training, etc.
  • Your Past Experience, which includes work and life experiences that we have (hopefully) learned from.

These four factors comprise the first half of the equation.

Now, multiply the above by...

#2:Your Perceptions and Interpretations of...

  • Your Work Role or the Position you hold, e.g., CEO, VP, manager, etc.
  • Your Company and its Culture: this includes company rules, work style, philosophies, events and a major contributor is how people are managed (remember the old adage, "people don't quit jobs, they quit managers"?).

Now, multiply #1 by #2 and you get =

HOW YOU WILL BEHAVE in most situations.

The actions you take, or how you react to things, people, situations, the words you choose to use, what type of relationships you have, your attitude and ultimately the decisions you make are all outcomes of the above equation.

But wait, there’s more . . .

Now multiply the total above by the Resources at your disposal. This includes things like your products and services, marketing initiatives, capital equipment, the process and systems, etc.

Behaviors x Resources = 


Results are defined as the quality and quantity of your work, how much time it takes to complete it, your costs and finally, your bottom line profitability.

By understanding this behavioral equation, you can better manage your outcomes of a situation and the results that you will produce.

What outcomes will you now choose to create?