Talent Acquisition | Assessment | Development : Top Five of 2012

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As 2013 approaches, we wanted to help you get a head start on what you need to know about getting the right people in the right roles doing the right things to help you acheive your business growth objectives.  Below are our top five posts, white papers and e-book on Talent Assessment, Acquisition and Development.  

1. "The 3 Strengths of High Performing Consultative Salespeople"

In this early post from my blog, People Potential Profits, I describe how there are three factors that contribute to consistency, enhanced performance, and happiness for any employee: specific knowledge, the mastery of that knowledge, and the natural alignment between the individual's traits and the required traits of the job. Further, when an individual possesses these, the need for intense focus and adjustment isn't necessary: this innate way of thinking and behaving is easy to execute, and therefore, enjoyable.

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12 Steps to Successful Hiring

While this book focuses specifically on Excelsior's hiring process, many people have found this book helpful by adapting our process to fit their hiring needs. The e-book describes critical elements in the hiring process, including developing a Peak Performance Profile, administering personality tests, and conducting interviews and the on-boarding process. Download it for free by clicking the blue button below. 

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3. "A Sales Truth: Why Top Sales Hunters Don't Make Good Sales Managers"

From a behavioral science perspective, the attributes that make someone a top sales hunter are exactly the same attributes that would make them a terrible sales manager. In this post, I discuss these attributes as well as outline the top 4 skills sales managers need to master in order to achieve success in their role.

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4. "Employee Turnover: 5 Interviewing Mistakes that Lead to Early Resignations"

The reasons for employee turnover are rooted much earlier in the hiring process than you may think. In this popular post, I outlined what I've found to be five interviewing mistakes hiring managers make and present solutions for nipping turnover in the bud.  

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The Peak Performance Profile: The Job Description of the Future

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While our e-book, 12 Steps to Succesful Hiring introduces you to the P3, the Peak Performance Profile: The Job Description of the Future describes in detail each step towards developing a P3. The e-book even comes with a free P3 template, so you can try completing one on your own. Just click on the book above to download it, for FREE.