Interview and Make Hiring Decision

The XP3 Interview Module and Analytics

XP3 Talent System

The XP3 Talent System solves the problem of typical hiring managers not knowing what to ask in an interview.

The XP3 Talent System is an objective and logical approach to hiring which means that the objective is to remove as much subjectivity from the hiring process as possible. Another way we accomplish that is with the XP3 Interview Module.

The Quality of the Questions Asked, Determines the Quality of the Response.

This means that to get the best response from a candidate, you must ask the right questions. To help you with this, The XP3 Talent System provides you with pre-determined interview questions, and pre-determined response guidelines to each question as well as a simple 5 point scoring system.

And our research and experience has determined that if a candidate truly know the answers to the SQ questions, then they should also be able to talk about them with confidence and accuracy during the interview.


Make objective, facts based hiring decisions using The XP3 Talent System Candidate Analytics

The XP3 Talent System provides you with the following analytical reports to help you make the best hiring decision.

Candidate Comparison: select and compare how each candidate scored throughout the entire XP3 Talent System process. Hiring managers have the ability to score the candidate in 4 areas to help them

make a more objective and facts based hiring decision including the resume, SQ, personality profile and interview.

Hiring Manager Comparison: You can also compare how each hiring manager scored a particular candidate so you can probe deeper where there are similar concerns.

Individual Candidate Details: Finally, you can drill down to view the aggregated hiring manager scores and details for each candidate.