To hire top talent, you must ensure that you already have top talent in place.

Organizations can have the best strategic plan, stellar products and services, state-of-the-art technology, ample capital and still fall short in achieving their goals and objectives. It is in the execution of the day-to-day business where they fail, and effective leadership is what is typically missing!

The ability to execute depends on what were once considered “soft skills” and unreliable measures – human capabilities!


We offer the following programs to help your leadership/management team develop the necessary knowledge and skills for you to grow your organization by growing your people.

1. How to Get The Right People in The Right Roles (4 -5 Hour program). This program trains your management team on how to hire, and retain top talent using the XP3 Talent System. We help you remove the typical “subjectivity” in hiring and replace it with an “objective” scientific and methodical approach, suite of tools and other resources to help you become much more effective while significantly reducing your cost to hire.

2. Enhancing Performance Through a Better Understanding of Human Behavior: (4-5 hour program). This program will help your managers understand the underlying science that drives performance. Each participant will complete a brief personality profile prior to the workshop. They will learn about themselves and their team mates at a much deeper level as well as specific techniques to help them enhance communication, motivation and their own performance as well as those they manage.   

3. The 5 Keys of Highly Effective Managers (4 -5 hour program). Every organization is a complex living organism - planning, reacting, adapting, evolving, growing and shrinking in response to external demands and internal capabilities. Measuring capital and technological assets provide "hard" measures for planning. The ability to execute, however, depends on what were once considered "soft skills" and unreliable measures - human capabilities!

In this highly interactive workshop, Michael Matalone will introduce you to the 5 Keys of Highly Effective Managers. He will help you understand how to utilize this knowledge to develop a set of skills; as well as provide you the tools and techniques to help you better hire, develop and retain top talent. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to better enable you to achieve the best ROI from your human capital investments that are required to achieve your  company growth objectives.

4. MPO Management Certification Training Program (2 Day program). This program provides an in-depth understanding of how people are hardwired to Think, Feel and therefore Behave and how the understanding and application of the lessons learned will help you make better hires, promotions, enhance performance, motivate, communicate more effectively, work as highly functioning team, resolve conflicts and more. Prior to the workshop, we will have a number of your employees complete the MPO Personality Profile so we can use actual real life scenarios to teach the lessons they will learn. You will walk away with specific management techniques you can immediately apply to those people.  

5. Interactive Dynamics at Work (IDW) Building and Working as a Highly Effective Team (1 Day Program). The IDW a variation of the above workshop and just focuses on becoming a more effective team. Participants will learn about themselves and their team mates at a much deeper level as well as learn techniques to help make specific improvements with each member of their team. 

CONSULTING IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT: All of the above programs include on-going consulting support to help you implement and retain the lessons learned.


The goal of these programs is to have your managers become highly effective leaders who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to better hire, develop, and retain top talent. We train your managers to work as a member of a highly effective team to ensure you’re getting the ROI in your human capital that is necessary to achieve your objectives in a timely fashion. All of the above programs are taught by Excelsior Founder and Chief Talent Officer, Michael Matalone and they include up to 2 hours per week of coaching/consulting support for 4 weeks after the program to help you implement what you have learned from the program.