For your benefit, we have provided a variety of FREE downloads and offers. Please take a look at the list below and download as many as you like!


The Performance Profile: the Job Description of the Future

An introduction to our proprietary tool, the Performance Profile™, an objective, logical, and scientific approach to defining exactly what is required in a job.

 The Modern Science of Salesperson Selection

David Kurlan of the Objective Management Group explains what makes a sales hire succeed or fail in their position.




This FAQ covers important leadership topics, such as the role of communication, the difference between "soft" and "hard" skills and more.

Sales Management

The Sales Management FAQ describes the skills required for a successful manager and how a sales manager can motivate her people to use the CRM.

Personality Assessment Tools

Helps explain the ins and outs of personality assessment tools and why you should be utilizing them in the hiring process.



The Talent Gap Quiz

The ability to achieve your company’s growth objectives is dependent upon your leadership teams’ abilities to execute consistently upon the required results within your desired timeframe. Learn how your team holds up through this simple quiz.

Sales Force Grader

This totally free tool allows you to rate the effectiveness of your sales force and get your score instantly. Try it! 

12 Steps to Successful Hiring

This eBook outlines the hiring process we use at Excelsior, which has helped us to successfully hire hundreds of people, from receptionists to chief operating officers.

Evaluating Sales Training

There is little agreement on how to evaluate the success of sales training and for this reason, most companies never move beyond smile sheets. But take heart: there is a happy ending. Huthwaite understands the art and science of the evaluation of training. 



This FAQ covers important topics such as the actual costs of recruiting, cultural fit and how assessment testing plays into the recruiting process.


Finally, you will learn the answer to the question, Why is it sometimes so difficult to communicate with my coworkers? and figure out how to better communicate in your workplace. 


Employee Troubleshooter Flowchart

This chart allows you to assess your existing employees by asking questions around employee motivation, if there is an easy fix for the problem and more.