Tired of writing big checks to recruiters hoping they will find you the right person? 


The XP3 Talent Acquisition Services IS YOUR SOLUTION!

We are experts in Applicant Sourcing and Screening and will generate more qualified applicants at a lower cost than most other sources available. The XP3 Applicant Sourcing and Screening process is based upon industry best practices, as well as the latest sourcing and screening techniques. We understand the psychology of active and passive candidates and how to attract and pre-screen them.

We will create a cost-effective email and posting strategy designed specifically to fill your applicant pipeline that includes:

  • Writing an exciting and compelling Ad to attract qualified candidates based upon your unique target candidate pool
  • Write and deliver a compelling email campaign proven to motivate potential candidates
  • Post and search across multiple databases like LinkedIn, Facebook, and various job boards to identify and email potential applicants about your opportunity
  • Develop a resume screening criteria based upon your requirements
  • Visually screen all applicant resumes
  • Administer state-of-the-art tools and techniques to narrow and turn the resume pool into pre-qualified candidates that are ready for you and your team to interview

And we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Fees start at just $875 for a 30-day campaign to fill your applicant pipeline

To learn more or sign up, email us at mike@excelsiorp3.com or call 703-766-6565