Excelsior’s XP3 Talent System program has equipped all of our hiring managers with the knowledge as well as a process, tools and consulting support that has enabled us to make better hiring decisions while lowering our cost to hire that will better position us to support our growth objectives.
— William L. Macuch, CEO, Macuch Steel Products, Inc., Em-Co Metal Products, Inc., Shewmake Steel Erection, Inc, Southeastern Stair and Rail, L.L.C.
You guys did an awesome job finding Tiffany. I have never had a high level person fit into an organization faster than she has. Especially your recommendation for an on-boarding plan where she was exposed to all areas of the company. You did an awesome job.
— Kent Rothwell, CEO, WeaverParts.com
Excelsior has been an invaluable partner in our launch of our U.S. operations helping us to define roles, hire, develop and then coach our sales team; getting us on our way to meeting and exceeding our goals in the shortest time possible time. I highly recommend Excelsior to anyone who would like to take their sales team to the next level.
— Bruce Scott, National Sales Manager, Integris USA
I have worked with Mike Matalone and Excelsior for the past 12 years. We have used their assistance to help us build an effective management and sales team, hire and promote the right people, and understand how we can manage and motivate our people better. The continued support and guidance we get from Excelsior has become an invaluable resource for our growth and continued success.
— Suresh Gursahaney, CEO, MicroAutomation, Inc.
Egan Sign is extremely pleased with Excelsior They have been the consummate professionals throughout the entire process. All of the candidates we interviewed went out of their way to compliment Excelsior on there courtesy, thoroughness and overall attention to detail and follow-up with their process. Most importantly, Excelsior helped us find the perfect candidate for our business. They also assisted with the compensation package and other of the myriad details involved in hiring a new account executive. I am recommending Excelsior to my business associates who need to attract, hire and retain “grade A” sales professionals.
— Bob Egan, President, Egan Sign
Mike and his team at excelsior have provided us excellent sales accelerator training for our entire nationwide sales team and has also helped us recruit a team of high performing individuals! I would certainly recommend his team for your next leadership, sales training and recruitment needs as they have and continue to provide great results, executed professionally and on time.
— Clayton Taylor, CEO ComRent International
We engaged Michael and his team at Excelsior for several of our sales training and coaching clients and they have done a remarkable job finding them high performing sales talent. Mike brings a unique process to recruiting that is thorough, and comprehensive, and he stands behind his work. Hiring salespeople is a difficult and high risk endeavor. Before trying to do it yourself or using a firm that doesn’t specialize in sales engage in a conversation with Mike. He is a true professional who will deliver the people you want and should hire as opposed to those you wish you never hired
— Scott Messer, Principle & Coach, Sales Evolution, LLC
Excelsior came in, diagnosed our situation and gave us a solution that involved an investment which we were skeptical about at first. After a year had passed, however, that investment has yielded us ten times the ROI in new sales the first year… Needless to say, we’re addicted to Excelsior.
— Kenneth Lopez, CEO, A2L Consulting
Excelsior is light-years ahead of your competition. Your processes, professionalism and dedication are simply unmatched.
— Tim Twomey, Job Candidate
I really appreciate the way Excelsior handled my candidacy for this position. Since starting my job search at the first of the year, Excelsior is clearly the best firm I’ve ever dealt with. To be specific, they kept me informed; were very responsive and made me feel valued in the process. they are true professionals.

Thanks so much ...... your peers, in your field, could really learn from you.
— John Benson, Job candidate
I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Excelsior as they searched (and found) a Marketing Manager for my company. In that process, Excelsior showed great professionalism as they generated a Performance Profile (job description), searched for candidates, pre-screened the candidates, and marshaled the entire process. They made hiring easy and supplied great candidates. Excelsior performed admirably!
— Pat Mustico, PhD – Director of Sales & Marketing for MicroAutomation
Excelsior is the first recruiting company I have ever hired who did and does exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Excelsior has made a tremendous difference to my bottom line.
— Bert Lebhar, President & CEO for Atlantic Remodeling Corporation
I highly recommend Excelsior who was instrumental in my placement as Vice President, Operations at Navstar Inc. Excelsior is not your typical recruiting company. They go through a rigorous process to identify the right candidate for placement with an organization and also are in tune with candidate needs. Excelsior was incredible! They always kept me informed and went “above and beyond”. They were great to work with and made the job search a pleasant experience. - Carolyn Tatanus Vice President, Operations Navstar, Inc
— Carolyn Tatanus, Vice President of Operations for Navstar, Inc.